The Attunement


                         I offer quality Kundalini Reiki attunements, as I invest a great deal of care into each person I attune.  

 I will check in with you after the attunement to insure that you received the most powerful attunement possible.  

Once you commit to a time to receive your attunement
Lay down or sit comfortably in meditation at or a little bit before that time.

Laying down, feet wider than hips, hands wider than shoulders, palms facing up in an attitude of receiving.

The process takes about 25 minutes to complete.

Relax as you allow this new energy to wash over you.

The following are helpful suggestions for the mind state, visualizations, etc. 
if you feel at a loss of "how to be" during the attunement.

Assert in your mind  "I am ready to receive attunement to Kundalini Reiki level (___)" 
 Envision yourself as a vessel being filled up with liquid light 
or imagine your spine as a golden tube that is receiving this energy into it. 

Just allow yourself to be as receptive as possible to the experience.

Please give your full Name, Date, Time and Timezone at which you would like to be treated/attuned.  Be sure that the attunement or treatment time will be scheduled when you will be able to relax and do nothing.  It is helpful but not necessary to give me a photo. 


(for attunement) KR1: John Drexeler, 10:00PM GMT
(for treatment):   John Drexeler, 10:00PM GMT

What to expect from the attunement

Your hands may become warm, you may feel light tingling,
you may feel waves of delightful warmth moving up your spine
Some people see colors, feel like they're floating or feel so relaxed that they fall asleep.

Just  for today, let go of self-critical thoughts and remember there is no "wrong" way to receive.
Let the love of Kundalini Reiki hold you in a safe and nurturing place.

After the attunement,  you may feel "disjointed" or otherwise ungrounded. 
Stay hydrated when you receive attunements and practice this energy work.
There is a detoxification effect when working with this amazing gift.

As soon as you are attuned, you are ready for self treatment.

Katherine is located in Portland, Oregon

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